Basic Concepts

Is CheckOS free?

Yes, access to CheckOS is free for the management of Work Orders by companies and freelancers who need to control a limited volume of Work Orders.

This allows micro and small businesses to reduce their expenses and for self-employed professionals to have more quality in performing their activities.

Teams of large corporations that perform internal or external service activities may adopt CheckOS as a service order control tool without relying on release of financial resources while these services are within the free limits of CheckOS

Public offices can use CheckOS to control activities without the need for bids.

Easy Access to Information

With CheckOS, Service Order information becomes available for access from computers, tablets and smartphones connected to the internet.

With the premise of simplicity and objectivity, the information was made available in order to give more priority according to the time of registration and service order fulfillment.

Notifications are shown to users when a Service Order needs attention.

Search filters allow a specific Sales Orders or a set of Sales Orders to be found using various criteria such as customer name, telephone service type, etc.

There is also the option for the Work Orders to be exported to the XLSX format allowing the information to be used in many different ways.

Customer follow-up

CheckOS considers the relationship between the company and its customers to be of the utmost importance.

The customer can be notified by e-mail with instructions to access a special access interface containing the details of the Service Order, this brings a closer approach and increases the trust of your customers in the service provided by your company< / p>

The customer can further evaluate the Service Order so that you can identify cases that need attention and treat them by converting a possible bad impression into a loyal customer.

Business integration

CheckOS is designed to serve as a cross-business integration platform for the joint operation of the same Service Order. This integration eliminates the need for budgeted e-mail exchanges and approvals that can be lost through disruption to both companies involved and customers.

Since CheckOS has a free service order management model, any company can register and set up partnerships that work as a social networking site for businesses and make service outsourcing management simpler for focus stay in the service provided to the customer and not in the bureaucracy.

You can use a chat window that is unique to each Service Order so that service-related issues are recorded and consolidated in one place and not lost somewhere in your mailbox.

With a simplified concept of activities, CheckOS Service Orders follow a flow of start, middle, and end and can be redone whenever necessary.


When you access the system, the first page contains three charts.

For companies that do not yet have completed Work Orders, the data graphics are examples. After the service orders begin to be recorded and finalized this information come to demonstrate the performance of your company.

First chart

Will appear the types of service and brand that are more performed by your company ordered from highest to lowest.

Second chart

shows the Work Orders that are open.

They are separated by
Green: Expected to calls in the future.
Blue: calls scheduled for today.
Yellow: Work Orders that have passed from the date of service.
Orange: Work Order who have 20 days from the record date.
Red: Work Orders that have passed 30 days from the record, these are considered the most critical because they represent a potential problem in cases of warranty service.

Third chart

It is to identify if the service demand is according to the services rendered.

For example, if the amount of Orders registered Service is always much higher than the amount of work orders completed it may indicate that at any given time you will have a very large backlog of service orders that could not be met.

Your Company Information

In the System Home screen, a list of additional fields to be filled.

These fields and some other also appear in the system settings, on the tab "Company Info"

By filling out correctly and completely the information of your company, you help your client and their business partners to find you.

In addition to location data, you can change some key features of registration as:

The type and the area related to the activities of your company.

The telephone.

The name of the contact person in your company.

The e-mail address.

This e-mail needs to be validated by means of a code that is sent at registration or when your email is changed these settings.

It is important to know that this email is used for sending notifications service orders for their customers, ie, if a client responds to the notification, this response will be sent to the e-mail of your company.

The page of your company on the internet.

The status of your company.

If you no longer wish to use the CheckOS, you can set the status of the company as "Inactive".

If no company user accesses the system for a considerable time the company status will automatically be changed to "Inactive"

Your company will no longer appear in CheckOS forms.

Companies with status "Inactive" can not act on Work Orders.

Address to the page of your company in CheckOS.

This address appears in the way and makes it easier for search engines to find the data of your company in CheckOS.

Keep your information always updated.

Company logo exchange

In the system settings, click on the "Company Logo".

You can see some examples in different sizes as your logo will be displayed

By clicking on an example, you will see the option to choose a new image to be used as logo.

Choose the file that will represent your company, it will appear in the sample box.

If the file is not appropriate or is not correctly appearing in the sample box, you can choose another file.

Click save logo.

Wait a moment, the logo of your company will appear in the system for all users of your company.

Setup a partnership

The partnership between the companies enables a Service Order is registered with a company that will be the approving and the other to be the executor of the service.

A partnership example is register on CheckOS two sectors of the same company for a sector is the approver and the other is the executor.

Access partnerships module.

Search for your partner company by combining information such as:

Company Name

Contact Name

Business Type

Company's operating area

If the partner company is not yet registered, send an invitation to the charge of the company. Remember, CheckOS has a free model to manage service orders, companies can register at ease.

Visit the company's page on CheckOS.

Select the type of relationship that exists between your company and the partner company.

Click proposed partnership.

This partnership will only be activated when the charge of another company click accept the settings.

If one of the companies change the partnership settings, the link between the companies shall be suspended until the new configuration is accepted.

If removed the partnership settings with another company, you do not need this setting to be accepted and the partnership will be disabled immediately.

Help your customer to access the Work Order

Insert the code below in your Website to help your customer to directly access to the Work Order.

You can customize the appearance and the text to fit better to your web site.

Work Order record API

How to use

To enter the code in your page you should have basic knowledge of editing websites, the provided code is sufficient to allow your customers to the ideal vision of the form of Service Orders records.

If you want, you can change some of the settings such as the width and height of the frame but it is not recommended to use dimensions less than 300 x 300 pixels.

How it works

The fields that appear on the form are the CheckOS standard required fields and those you define as required in the system settings (by selecting "This field needs to be filled?" in each field); for example: if you need the customer's phone number for a first contact after the registration of the OS, select this field to required.

When a client registers an Order of Service it is not sent directly to your company, this step is important to avoid SPAM records. Each registered Work Order will need to be accessed by a unique link sent to the requestor's email and only then it will be sent to your company.

While the client does not validate a Service Order he will not be allowed to register another for the same email, it prevents the misuse of email from other people; nor can the record of many service orders simultaneously, the process should be timely use manual and automated processes not being recommended through this API.

In the case of duplicated records, or records with erroneous or insufficient information for their attendance, the recommended is you cancel the Service Order, the applicant will then receive a notification and will be aware that the OS has been canceled.


The code generated for the API will be visible on the source of your web page code when you publish it so there is the possibility of someone copying it, but this code is unique and no matter where it is published registered Work Order with it will be used only to your company if you suspect misuse of the code you can register a new code causing the former to be unusable.

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